Due to COVID-19, seminars will be conducted online as a home-study
until it is safe to meet in large groups.

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Home-Study Information

Due to the recent ‘stay home” directive, One in Christ has been designed to be completed as an online home-study until we are able to gather in large groups again for the in-person seminar. The two-part seminar is designed as a highly interactive and comprehensive marriage preparation program, so that couples will grow in their love for each and in their knowledge of the Sacrament of Matrimony through catechesis, discussion and prayer. At the seminar, there is a lot of small and large group discussions, faith-filled presenters who teach and give their testimonials, and a lot of time for private reflection and prayer. Because we are unable to meet in person at the present time, the online home-study is proving to be a huge success!

Over the last month, over 80 couples have participated in the online home-study seminar and I have received an overwhelmingly positive response from all of the couples. They can’t believe how much they have learned together! Many of them said that their communication has increased intensely in regards to so many topics they would never have discussed if it wasn’t for the seminar. Couples are asked to read from the One in Christ manual, which is deeply theological and historical, and then view several videos from the Dynamic Catholic series, Better Together. This video series contains a lot of practical advice and spiritual support from several couples on a variety of topics. Both the manual and videos complement each other quite well. After the couples read the presentations and watch the videos, they are asked to write several reflections on what they took away. These questions are designed to foster open communication and to understand on a deeper level the Sacrament of Matrimony in the Catholic Church. Once the couple completes and submits their personal reflections, Fr. Thomas, the author of One in Christ, works with each couple individually via email to guide, support and encourage them with personal feedback and advice. Although we are not meeting in person, Fr. Thomas and his presenting couples will provide their own personal YouTube videos in order to expound on the presentations and answer all of the couples’ individual questions from the presentations and the videos.

The $300.00 seminar fee is well spent on the couple and their upcoming marriage. Each couple will receive 2 One in Christ manuals, the Preparing for the Rite of Marriage book, 2 Handbook of Prayers, and several Sacramental gifts that Fr. Thomas likes to give the couples for their home. All of this material will be mailed to you. The presenting couples receive stipends for making their personal YouTube videos, and Fr. Thomas provides several opportunities for couples to win a date night out. The fee also includes Fertility Awareness/Natural Family Planning Material and Classes. Lisa Jurski, our licensed Fertility Awareness-Creighton Practitioner, oversees the classes. For more information, check out her website: fertilitycarecenterofchicago.com.

With that said, until we are able to conduct the live in-person seminar, I hope and pray that this online home-study seminar will be an enriching experience for you and that you will come to a greater understanding of and knowledge for the Sacrament of Matrimony in the Catholic Church.

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